Podium Magazine

“Collaborate or die” command graphic designers Adrian Shaughnessy and Astrid Stavro. In recent months, the pair have been busy teaching a group of Royal College of Art students of MA Visual Communication and Digital Direction to “think big in order to find alternative solutions to social issues”. The result? A new publication titled Podium, which launched at the RCA this week. Podium draws a question mark over the value of visual and verbal communication by meditating on the ways we collectively navigate the every-changing world around us through creativity. A list of contributors including Vince Frost, Peter Kennard, Kenneth Goldsmith, Ken Garland, Marion Deuchars and Elizabeth Ellis were asked to submit a single-page response to the question “If this was your last chance of expressing free speech, what would you want to say and how?” – It‘s Nice That

Project Members: Iain Worgan, Jack Morgan, Michele Coralli, Bian Yunxiang, Pamela Dimitrov, Phornsiya Yu, Sofia Molinaro, Kevin Kremer. 2018.